Zero Turn Radius Riding Lawn Mowers

First Cast Iron Gear Wheels Lawn Mower – Invented by Edwin Budding a 19”480mm wide with a ratio of 16:1 as its main purpose is only to cut grass comparably its whole functionality to modern mowers were almost The same …as British granted its patent in 1830 Budding and Ferrabee agreed to acquire its license to manufacture but never on their mind to patent the machine but instead they’re selling and licensing other manufacturers for the reproduction of their machine, 20th century new generation of lawn mowers invented, some are operated still by force of muscles were blades connected mechanically to push forward so the blade will spin – Types of lawn mowers are powered by battery or an electric plug-in and one cylinder internal combustion engine


Power lawn mower, First power mower in the garden gasoline driven, and water cooled …

Cylinder Mowers when properly installed and adjusted it makes the cleanest cut of the grass but it can be difficult of mowing to an uneven terrain its variations are –
Push Mowers is a non-engine and best suited to residential lawns and small gardens it is light and easy to maneuver and typically it cuts to 10” to 15” of grass … it’s environmentally friendly from the air pollution and noise
Green mowers cylinder has eight to normally ten blades that will cut to the golf greens perfectly- its front and back roller will help to smoothen the surface

Robotic Lawn Mowers – are autonomous domestic robot to cut lawn grass it requires this robot to uses wires to sense its border of boundary, as of 2012 MowBots sold 15 times to its traditional styles with its integration within its custom apps and fully solar-powered Mowbots first came to the market in 1995 ( buy at


Riding Mowers are much bigger than push mowers its scales of capacity for larger lawns and commercial use, unlike conventional riding mowers as resembles small tractors …

steerable front wheel riding mower


Zero Turn Radius Riding Lawn Mowers  

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It pivots to 180 degrees to cut precisely the grass evenly and smoothly both residential and commercial has its different features … between Zero-turn Mowers and conventional riding mowers its selling price was closely similar – But its speed durability and convenience of Zero turn mowers are a must-have tools to be kept at home or by any commercial use- The speed of Zero Turn mower will cut your time in half regardless how big your yard or your property from its higher level of maneuverability this allows you to zip and turn and change in any directions from the obstructions of garden posts, trees, pathway doors, and houses- with a wheel control that independently allows you to forward, backward, right or left just by moving your arms forward and backward …

A man is mowing backyard on a riding zero turn lawnmower

Its Attachments can be customized from its manufacturers from flex fork, stripe kit, steering lever extension, 2 bag grass catcher, mulch kit to light kit, With varying Engine options manufacturers with different brands will achieve this to their product from the type of pumps, wheel motors, hydraulic lines and cooling, reservoir capacity, transmission, speeds and brakes …

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6 thoughts on “Zero Turn Radius Riding Lawn Mowers

  1. What a pleasure it is to cut the lawn. Some would say that that pleasure only comes after the lawn has been mowed. Looking at some of the modern lawnmowers you have shown and described in this article, actually mowing the lawn could become a pleasure. Therapeutic actually.
    Thank you for the bit of learning (history) and for pointing out just how far technology has progressed. Would love one of those sit-on mowers.

    • Hi, Roy Thank you for you comment really appreciate it … you are right, it is one of our pleasures when we see our tasks done right by the end of the day … And I own one of this type, 42″ 22HP Husqvarna Brand – so easy to Maneuver and it is indeed so Therapeutic to ride on it while it really cuts grass neat and clean of my yard …

  2. This certainly covers mower technology from the very beginning… I’m impressed and now educated on the realities of lawn mowers for fun or profit! Can you advise me on where to buy zero turn mower, and what features or brands I should consider for my 1 acre lawn? Or is this technology more appropriate for commercial use where people ride it nearly every day?

    • hi steve, a little bit of history, Excel Industries who first introduced the Hustler as the first Zero Turn Mower in the market which Hustler Turf Equipment and Big Dog Mower Co, are the same- As this isnt yet designed as a utility vehicle to tackle a different tasks but rather than just only to cut grass, however due to the demands of some customers, companies who manufactures Lawn Mowers are now also engaging into upgrading the unit to a becoming more highly innovative utilize vehicle to give their costumers a more satisfaction guarantee, I suggest checking the -Husqvarna or Poulan Pro which is Exlusice to Amazon, these are the leading Brand in the market today, considering the features or Brand that you are asking for your 1 acre lawn …

  3. hey its a good post for a types of mower,. indeed people with gardens in or outside their house needs a mower..
    however do you know where to buy a lawn mower with a cheapest price and best quality online ?
    because there’s too much types out there and need your recommendation

    • Hi, Elbert, Thank you for your interests on purchasing a Must Have tool around the house, I believed In Amazon which Husqvarna and Poulan Pro where exclusive to them – Husqvarna Brand and Poulan Pro are one of the most cutting edge design company in all types of  home and industrial  tool specializing Lawn Mowers … the cheapest you can get will depends on the features of the unit you want since every type has its own different capacity on how big or small your lawn or your property is … I hope this helps you, thanks.

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