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Weed grinder Not a spice grinder, which synonymously a tool for grinding, confusingly if you buy a grinder for your parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme the result may not be the same as what you’d expected if you’re using a cylindrical device with two or three compartments that shown from these photos

metal grinder

Other botanicals herbs or medicinal plants will have its own method of extracting a medicinal component from it -one of the examples are dilution … although, Coca and Cannabis a slang for a “weed” – were also being considered as herbs

Purposely weed being grind on The Weed Grinders is to collect the Kief from it which refers to a resinous trichomes of Cannabis that contains a much higher concentration of Psychoactive Cannabinoids such as THC, Cannabis can be finely ground when using this three weed chamber grinder letting the Kief crystals fall through the sifter to the bottom of its compartment the result is a good quality of spliff or joint …


Out in the market, People are describing this sharp pegs shredder into spice grinders or some other types of herbs intended for cooking as indicated above … Unaware of its actual use, may only be ended up of dissatisfaction from the result – The Weed Grinders can be found and purchased at any Huge marketplaces Online – in Amazon and Groupon- one item example below:

Product Detail:

  • Premium Zinc Herb Grinder – Constructed from a single rod of galvanized stainless steel, zinc coated and anodized to create
    swagstr grinder

    A highly durable finish, this process creates a stronger and indestructible grinder that will not corrode, chip stain – precision milled on CNC machines to ensure a quick smooth and easy grinding experience

  • Save Money and Time – A quick and easy grind, Money Back Guarantee
  • WOW, Factor – Beautifully designed showpiece- the grinder designs are digitally colored printed UV sealed, and then layered with a polyurethane coat for a 3d effect, the domed designed is waterproof, scratchproof and will not fade! designed to last a lifetime
  • Two Grinders In One – Grind and Go by simply removing the center pollen screen! twist back together and now you have a compact 3piece pocket grinder with Huge storage! Dimensions: 2.5″ wide and 1.75″ tall -63mm
  • Designs and Craftmanship! 4piece grinder and 5piece grinder  – Premium Quality original 3d designs, pollen scraper
  • Premium Quality – 50 diamond cut grinding teeth in the main chamber – 100 Micron Stainless Steel Pollen Screen. Precision milled holes, that ensures only consistent sized grains are collected powerful neodymium magnets to create a tight smell proof seal
  • CNC machined from a single rod of 100% pure stainless steel



See at and other product designs and material available 


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