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The best sunglasses in online store a European Standard must have CE mark on it have category 3UV or can be wide enough to have a maximum eye protection …
Rx Prescription Sunglasses however, is now a new trend in the market back then when we say prescription eyeglasses we usually associated this to Granny’s thick framed huge eyeglasses or to a Nerd looking campus genius – What really a Rx Prescription Sunglasses differs from is the availability to its style – from  the Club Master  to Cats eye, John Lennon’s signature, Tom Cruise Top Gun’s Aviators look or any of sunglasses can be made to Prescription – The chic thing of wearing prescription sunglasses is  you can have two benefits of it – for reading and for its shades- while having fun on the beach and do some athletic activities … hassles free from contact lenses wearer the bothersome while wearing your contacts on the beach is the salt water and sands that will get into your eyes …

It can’t be that so sexy while lounging on the beach wearing your usual boring eyeglasses,
However there are now so many types of eyewear in the market which best suits you,
Transition lens, Polaroid sunglasses (polarized lenses) Or clip on magnetic shades ( Can be bulky  looks dorky) blue lens IQ glasses or mineral lenses

But first thing to know, when you buying this high fashionable eyewear …These three (3) major materials were High-end Sunglasses and its Lenses Manufacture made

Glass – 50 years ago, granny prescription eyeglasses is still the highest optical quality of all since when its made from glass, Telescope and high-end Camera are made of glass – But the weight of it isn’t so comfortable this can be so heavy right at the bridge of your nose, glass is heavy and if accidentally, It is high on shatter risk …

CR39 – This is a plastic polymer that is commonly manufactured for eye glasses lenses        (Columbia Resins) -with its only 1.49 refractive index the tendencies the lens gets twice as thick when you need a higher correction- half as heavy as the glass – it has a very low shatter risk with have a very good optical quality …

Polycarbonate – is a very strong material some of its grades are optically transparent with a very low shatter risk and this can be built into a very lightly thin design lenses, but its optical quality is poor this needs to be applied with a resistant coating to prevent from surface scratches since polycarbonate is also pliable soft material …

Brand and Styles Available :

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Ray- Ban RB3025 Aviator Metal Sunglasses

Tiffany Sun OTF 3048B Full Rim Pilot Woman SunGlasses

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Flash Gradient Series Unisex Sunglasses

(CloudField)Wood Polarized SunGlasses WayFarer Style 100% UV Pretection Bamboo wooden Frame – Sale $39.99

Tantino Polarized Cat Eye Fashion Designer SunGlasses for Women –Sale $11.68


Oakley Racing Jacket Non-Polarized Iridium Oval Sunglasses


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