The Beauty and the Bees

Leatherwood flower Montezuma Falls Tasmania Australia

Yes, it is Bees and it isn’t a Beast … As a natural remedy believer I am always a number one fan of alternative medicine, in the marketplaces these days people have now come up and believed that simple ailments, can just be found its cure in the corner of our kitchen or in our backyard and put this in a bottle or jar and introduced into the market, I came up writing this post when I stumbled across this Website of Beauty and the Bees I was so fascinated how this tiny company in the middle of tiny forest of Tasmania thrived for over 25 years mainly its product main ingredients are made from the Leatherwood Honey, (Eucryphia Lucida) is a species of trees or large shrubs endemic to forests of western Tasmania and it is the single most important nectar plant for bees in Tasmania for about 70% of all honey produced taking over 70 years to grow to nectar-bearing maturity as it was also noted as monofloral honey …

As an eczema sufferer like herself Founder Owner Jill Saunders who grew up in England as a family who have a strong commitment to herbal healing source, Jill emigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1992 as she laid open her eyes the abundance of the islands natural ingredients such as, the aromatic leatherwood honey which is unique and can only be found in Tasmania …As she began the business in an effort to cure herself using her grandmother’s old remedies which she devoted her time to make the formula more even better then she got succeeded by only using a trusted pure gentle food ingredients …Beauty and the Bees were Born!

Beauty and the Bees philosophy:

Earth Friendly and 100% Cruelty Free – as a low hanging fruit company like beauty and the bees one thing I really do admire most is their philosophy of keeping their ideas on protecting the environment from the harmful pollutants, All beauty, and the bees products all the way to its packaging are Earth-friendly And 100% cruelty free …as beauty and the bees banned of using any of this synthetics such as, chemical preservatives, petrochemicals or any harsh chemical scents … from the old time and many centuries humans had been using honey and herbs without the harmful side effects compared to today’s modern laden chemical world with many harsh ingredients were giant corporation concealed the effect of their product to the consumer

As a final course of action on using plastic:

On courier package exception, due to the rough handling of the courier delivery, the method of using bubble wrap on the product which is enviro-friendly glass materials is the only choice to avoid from the costumer’s rants and complain due to the breakage of the ordered product … why using enviro glass material, recent research has shown using of phthalates (a chemical softening agent) implicated as an endocrine system disruptor in the manufacture of plastics can leach into oil base contents, Plastic which is also the number one environmental pollution, and Beauty and the bees do not use plastic containers, except for bottle caps and inserts where it is the only choice to protect the product package made by amber glass, the majority of the products has these all been packaged to recycled paper materials and paper boxes and packing boxes that are made from the recycled Kraft cards, spoon and spatulas that are provided in moisture cream products are also biodegradable made of cornstarch …


Just a few on the list are – Beauty and the Bees Sellable Products:

Tasmanian Apple Cider Vinegar -Ingredients:  Concentrated Herb Extract, nettle Marigold Horsetail, -Benefits: restore acid balance to improve skin texture rich in vitamins and minerals moisturizes and rehydrates the skin specially if skin is eczematic soothe a dry sore flaking scalp create healthy hair improves texture and shine – Use Direction: Mix 2 tbs. into a liter of water make as a rinse after using the Beauty and the Bees Shampoo Bar

Real Beer Handmade Shampoo Bar A handmade naturally chemical free solid shampoo bar that is enriched with plant and nut oils, Beer has been famed for generations for its ability to leave a hair bouncy, Pride of Ringwood hops are from bushy park Tasmania the hops are intensely fragrant and have antiseptic benefits …

Honey Cream Bath A luxurious moisturizing bath treat blend of organic plant oils pure vegetable soap and Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey to deeply moisturize soften and silken the skin …


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