Sweat Proof Wireless Headphones

So many trends in headphones that are designed to a many different individual personality, headphones for gaming, for music recording for a hipster kid on the block with his headphones on his head while sliding into his skateboard and an Athletic health-conscious were workout and exercise are their top priority always pairing their devices into this hi-tech wrist health tracker technology and a sweat proof wireless headphones which it is more convenient than to a bulky type of headphones, specifically being designed with adjustable cable to stay comfortable and ensure secure during high-intensity workouts …


just had purchase FitBit Flyer and all my expectations of this headphone meet all my expectations …

  • Sounds – with its powerful bass and dynamic range the audio is very crisp and clear
  • Music and call controls – with 3button control box it pause or change songs and answer or end calls
  • With its secure and personalized fit – with its interchangeable ear tips it optimize comfort security and sound
  • Battery Life- 6hours playtime on a full charge, plus an extra hour of playtime with 15-minute quick charge
  • Dual Microphone – that suppresses external noise
  • Ionic Cooperation- that works seamlessly connect to Fitbit for hands-free phone free, music etc …
  • Multi-device connectivity -it will connect simultaneously to two devices at once, smartphones, computers and more using blue tooth 4.2
  • With its two sound settings – enhance with Wave-Maxx Audio, by using the signature sound setting or amplify bass with power boost
  • Environmental requirements – operating temperature, 4°F to 113°F  Storage, 22°F to 140°F

Fitbit Flyer is a sweat-proof wireless headphones-  designed for workouts, Running, Cycling packed into a high premium sound, sweat proof edge, and comfort to a daily active life … 




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