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OFD Foods Inc. formerly known as Oregon Freeze Dry Inc. Parent company of Mountain House, Based in Albany Oregon, founded in 1963 with a subsidiary of Europe, OFD Foods, Inc. produces freeze-dried ingredients such as seafood products, beef, and poultry for food companies, OFD Foods Inc. also caters to Emergency Survival, food for backpacking and camping, food services for assisted living, hospitals, business and educational facilities,The company acts as a contract service provider for customer-owned ingredients to develop processes and finished bulk-packed products, It supplies freeze-dried food in the United States Military and produces fruit bars, hamburger buns, pork chops, cooked diced chicken, and diced beef…for nearly 50 years mountain House Leads to 70 percent of the outdoor freeze dried meal products according to the Outdoor Industry Association, Its always has been a great and first choice for backpackers, hikers, and campers under any extreme conditions and emergency situations, for its great taste, reliability and ease of use Mountain House speaks that way …

How crucial and Important it is to maintain the level standard of Mountain House Products …
Notes by Jim Merryman, President of OFD foods, “We’ve always used the conservative standard of ‘tastes as good as new’ for Mountain House shelf life, while many competitors use the low standard of ‘will sustain life’ These are two very different of Shelf life”
Nearly 50years based on military expertise on real-world tests Mountain House has been critically interlocking all these areas to maintain the integrity of the company and it will jeopardize everything if even only one area is missing,

  • Recipe formulation
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Research and development
  • Cooking
  • Freezing
  • Freeze drying
  • Propriety packaging
  • Moisture control
  • Oxygen control
  • Process control from beginning to end

How Oxygen level plays a vital role in Packaging Integrity?

United States military specification requiring oxygen levels to be below 2% low oxygen level is a good key indicator of moisture, heat and light prolonged exposure to oxygen will cause to foods become rancid within six months to two years, it degrades shelf life by oxidizing fats and oils this oxidation causes rancidity and unpalatable of flavors, which too much presence of oxygen depletes valuable vitamins in foods such as A, C, D, and E according to research that has been measured for decade indicates that oxygen levels should be below to 3% and only Mountain House passes all these standard tests with an average oxygen level of 1.42% Among 30 pouches from each brand, Also being studied and tested the variation of oxygen levels from pouch to pouch to measure the reliability and process control – Mountain House again came out on top! With a standard deviation of 0.3 to its closest competitor!

Oxygen Test Results in Leading Brands:

Percentage of pouches that with more than 3% oxygen

  • Mountain House 0% more than 3%
  • Alpine Aire 13% more than 3%
  • National Geographic 13% more than3%
  • Legacy Premium 17% more than 3%
  • Backpackers Pantry 37% more than 3%
  • Wise Company (long-term food storage) 57% more than 3%
  • Food Supply Depot 100% more than 3%




30 Years Shelf Life!!!

Mountain House can last up to 30years shelf life! Stored for 30years in real-world condition Has raised the shelf life for all freeze-dried entrees in cans and pouches to 30 years multidisciplinary team of experts tested numerous mountain house recipes in both pouches and #10cans all items were at least 30years old and had been stored in ambient temperatures in various warehouses, the tested recipes scored above average on a Food Industry Standard Hedonic Scale, many of Mountain house Military meals being reviewed painstakingly and greatly amazed the result that meals had been stored for 42 years still taste really good and only mountain house the only brand In the industry can legitimize this claim…

The Danger Levels of Packaging Permeability:

Moisture and Oxygen these two elements are the primary enemy of the shelf life of dry food products and only mountain house passed the test conducted by Fres-co System USA, Inc. various methods and techniques to measure Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) so that the packaging from freeze dry food products achieve its quality and safety and its shelf life through intensive process control, And one key factor that Mountain House surpass the tests from moisture exposure control is the proprietary packaging develop by its own mountain house Engineer, Peter Mittmann which he Noted, “Mountain House competitors claimed their packaging material is superior because they used Mylar, ‘ a term they apply to any number of different kinds of packaging materials’ Unfortunately, for consumers, the data do not reflect superior packaging”

Potential Moisture Penetration at End of stated shelf Life:

3 Leading Brands Marketed for Backpacker’s food were being tested for Water Vapor Transfer Rates:

  • Mountain House 0.08 oz. 12+years
  • BackPacker’s pantry 0.24 oz. 7 years
  • Alpine Aire 0.09 oz. 5 years

4 Brands Marketed for survival food or long-term food storage also tested for packaging materials:

  • Wise Company food storage 13 oz. 25 years
  • Legacy Premium 24 oz. 25 years
  • National Geographic Live Prepared Food 119 oz. 15 years
  • Food Supply Depot 47 oz. 20 years

Conclusion: Mountain House Packaging was the least permeable to moisture; AlpineAire, Backpackers pantry are more than doubled its permeable to moisture compared to Mountain House; claimed survival long term food storage, Wise Company for its shelf life of up to 25years is 70 times permeable to moisture and more than 12 ounces of water could potentially migrate to its packaging into the food itself compared to Mountain House, Legacy Premium, and Food Supply Depot had 100 and 300 times transmission rates compared to Mountain House; National Geographic potential moisture transfer for up to 1,100 times compared to Mountain House

“Mountain House will still be tasty and nutritious for years even decades beyond the taste guarantee if stored properly” Jim Merryman, President OFD Foods

“Mountain House’s Taste Guarantee is based on real-world testing not extrapolating numbers found in an ideal laboratory environment “We regularly test Mountain House products stored in real-world conditions against our new production and Update our Shelf life and taste guarantee accordingly” Drew Huebsch Research and Development Manager OFD Foods,

“What I find about Mountain House as a brand of emergency and survival and camping food is, their honesty and Integrity as a company for many decades Mountain house untiringly sees all different areas rendering meticulous test and research for what is now Mountain House is widely regarded as the gold standard brand in Industry of Freeze Dried Meal” – the author of this content!

Mountain House Guaranteeing the taste of food that sells on pouches for 12+years and 25+years in cans – recognizing and clarifies statements between the standard quality from its competitors! In times of emergency and disaster, Mountain House will provide comfort for its tastes won’t loss of its crisp texture, off odor, off flavors, and spoilage of product due to its intensive oxygen and moisture control process …

Meal Categories :

  • Breakfast
  • Entrees
  • Desserts
  • sides and Meats
  • Buckets and Kits – 
  • Military Rations

Time and Preparation:

Simply Add hot water for 8 minutes

Check Prices and Variation:

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12 thoughts on “Mountain House Survival Food Reviews

  1. 30 years shelf life! I didn’t realise food could last that long and still taste OK. These are really essential items to stock up on in the event of any emergency or crisis. My friend mountaineering a lot and he could benefit greatly from these. Thanks for sharing.
    Do they come in fruit or vegetables pouches?

    • hi teresa thank you for the comment, to your question, the packaging for this process might be only comes to side meats, entrees,  breakfast and dessert, but because OFD is a huge freeze dried food company vegetable and fruit pouches might gonna find to a different brand of packaging … but if your into finding of dessert Mountain House got its own freeze dried packages, such as ice cream sandwiches, apple crisp, raspberry crumble and much more …

  2. Great site.
    I once ordered food somewhat like this but it was in bulk. So I got many big buckets of food and I kept it for several years but finally gave it away to a homeless shelter.
    The idea that I can get smaller portions is a great one. I can take this camping or on road trips and not have to take buckets of food along. Nice.
    How does this ship out? By UPS or by larger semi trucks?

  3. I use the Mountain House Diced Beef and Diced Chicken. I take them with me when I go tent camping out away from civilization.
    I usually have a 5 mile hike to where I like to tent camp and fish. It is a lot easier to pack the freeze dried food because you can fill up your backpack and it weighs a lot less.

  4. Thank you for writing this. I did not know that food could be stored for upto 30 years and still have people say that it “tastes as good as new”. Wow! I know that “prepping” for emergencies is becoming more and more popular as our World Leaders get crankier and crankier. It is nice to know that survival food such as this is around to help sustain life during hard times. I couldn’t see prices anywhere is this food expensive?

    • Hi, GBIG, Thank you for your comment appreciate it, Prices and Variations are available at … Am sorry you miss to check the highlighted link – should have made this more visible …sorry for the inconvenience …

  5. Interesting post, I never knew food like this can last up to 30 years! That is insane, I didn’t see any additives included in that brand so it must be a healthier option than other brands. Great essential items to have in case of an emergency for sure. Thanks for the informative post and review.

    • hi Dawna thanks for stopping by, yes Mountain House make their own recipe and cook their own recipe they do the preservation of the food through oxygen and moisture control process …

  6. Wow, this is an awesome review! While I did have some notion of companies that do these sorts of things, I had no idea the inner workings of them, the name of the companies, or what they have to be careful of when packaging foods. It seems that OFD is the top dog when packaging foods for survival or emergencies.

    Do they do all of their own products, or do they allow people to submit new products?
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Christopher thanks for the comments, to your question, Mountain House does all the production of their own product, OFD also act as a contract service provider to customer owned ingredients process and develop as a finished bulk packed products …

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