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A fresh produce has now freshly delivered by the local markets at your doorstep came from the regions where local farm pick and locally grown …what about spending more time with your family or other important stuff that you would love to do and leave your worry of your trip to the grocery store … With Amazon fresh Grocery Delivery Service, Brings A wide selection of fresh groceries right to your home, Amazon Fresh is very specific to their clients lifestyle and deliver that demand, Place and order and choose the most convenient delivery time for you or order in the evening and wake up to the fresh strawberries, milk, eggs at your doorstep …

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A personal shoppers visits farmers markets in your area and select the fresh fruit and vegetables for you just shop to the seasonal produce and artisan foods for the delivery right at your door … Amazon Fresh partner with local farmers to bring your fruits and vegetables stays and smells delicious as if you picked them yourself, it is carefully selected inspected by the expert its fresh quality all items are hand packaged keeping your grocery as they should be fresh firm and frozen every step of the way …Less Shopping More Living

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Stores featuring meals and snacks, that are gluten free, vegan, or organic, find everything you need to eat healthy including avocados, mangoes, banana spinach and tomatoes, at amazon fresh where you only find the highest quality of chicken, pork, steak and ground beef bringing you the best your on the Go Snacks, sabra, fiber one fresh yogurt and much more …

Recently, Amazon acquire Whole Foods Market that only sells products that meets its self created quality standards for being ‘Natural’ which the stores defines as: minimally processed foods that are free of hydrogenated fats as well as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives … from Amazon Fresh Whole Foods Market buy only the good stuff including beverages, breads and bakery, breakfast foods, canned jarred and packaged foods, condiments and salt dressings, dairy cheese and eggs, herbs spices and seasoning and much and much more of everything that Local Market are just at your doorstep …



Plus a Bonus: Going to Share an

Old fashioned Parker House Rolls Recipe

1quart sifted flour
1/2 ounce compressed yeast
1 cup warm milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1tablespoon butter
2 eggs
2 large baked potatoes

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water – mix the butter, milk, salt, and sugar, crumble the potato while still hot and knead into flour, yeast and liquid ingredients, roll out thin a floured board and cut into a small round – in greased pan allow to rise, bake in 375 degrees F. For 15minutes serve warm with butter …

Old Fashioned Cheese Souffle

3tbsp butter
2tbsp flour
1/2 cup milk
1/2cup grated cheese (blue cheese, goat cheese, asiago, ) my choice
4eggs – 1/4tspn salt – paprika

Heat the flour and butter in a double boiler, stir in the milk, cheese and seasoning, cook slowly Ito a creamy smooth consistency, beat the yolks of the eggs and add the mixture, cool, then add the stiffly beaten whites, into a grease baking dish bake in a moderate oven for 45min. Serve at once! So that the soufflé will not fall …



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