Doctors Who Practice Alternative Medicines

Traditional Medicine has already been practice Throughout centuries maybe even before the time when the old earth begins –According to The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicines as, “The sum total of knowledge the skills and practices based on the theories and beliefs and experiences indigenous to a different culture” …Folks medicine as related to home remedy or grammas chicken soup added with variants of spices to cure cold and other ailments … 

Natural Healing as its other Name for Alternative medicine from vitamins that derives from Fungi – Minerals derives from Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium – through Homeopathic Preparation were commonly used by Naturopaths which highly criticized by Modern Medicine…– practicing Naturopathy are Doctors who Practice Alternative Medicines …


Pharmacy bottles of homeopathic medicine

A Naturopathic Medicine is based on Pseudoscience  where the process of healing has No indication that certain sick individual will recover from its diagnosis, as the practice relied on beliefs that body has the ability to heal itself, ” in 1700″s German Physician Samuel Hahnemann of his Principles in “Like-cures-Like” as his proving on a base of healthy individuals who volunteer to provide the same indication of the same symptoms can treat a sick individual who manifest the same symptoms, as how this Hahnemann Homeopathic named

The National University of Natural Medicine trains students in Naturopathic Medicine and must pass a Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) as administered by the Board of Naturopathic Examiners … 

Some individual who practices Naturopathy they deal with lifestyle changes to their clients one who may introduce a change to their client’s diet, were strictly  prohibited to sugar consumption and tobacco… one may undergo to Therapeutic massage and more on sunshine exposure and stress management…-  But some may perform a minor surgery and prescribe a medication of their own preparation herbal medicinal plants -As antibiotics and vaccines is not a consideration to this medical practice even in some cases that their approach has no proven or scientific evidence of cure but rather the connotation to” placebo effect”  

Medicinal herbs

As its Natural Element of Treatment “Herbalism” which is mainly study is Botany, Related to plants and its Medicinal uses being an Herbalist, a person should possess a high skills of cultivation in the collection of sowing and reap the plants including wildcrafting; Traditionally, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalist must attain the skills in dispensing according to the prescription describe; one should have its dedication to its economic system in herbalism – with a high-level knowledge of its preparation on How the product manufactured by its variety of form to dry and to liquid, tablet or to capsule as such comprehension by its clinical formulation..

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As naturopathy embraces holistic approach as a whole, pampering is also considered as a Natural cure on Indulging yourself in therapeutic massage, light exercise and relaxation meditation and doing yoga …  

Naturopathy the scope in different approach of skills and its training:

Herbalism, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Chelation therapy, Ozone therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Hair analysis, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Iridology, Stress Management, Hydrotherapy, Color therapy, Sports Medicine, Psychotherapy, Whole food diet, Colonic Enemas, Applied Kinesiology 

Product Risk: 

An appropriate practitioner when bounds outside of safety and efficacy will be considered a fraudulent a charlatan who can be called a quack-Traditional Drug Medications are safe to consume with its very rare and fewer side effects – but it cannot be considered as risk-free some factors are, it’s manufacturing, incorrect dose, and environmental contaminants- misrepresentation of the labels … 


Government Regulation for Natural Health products: 

World Health Organization (WHO) as a referendum on Quality Control Method of Medicinal Herb Plants also Coca and Cannabis as considered herb medicine included … 

European Union; Regulated under Committee on Herbal Medicinal Product 

United States; regulated by dietary supplements by the Food and Drug Administration 

Canadian Regulation; requires an Eight Digit product number or homeopathic medicine Number Licensed label of Herbal Medicine and Dietary Supplement…

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