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Deep tissue massage

The Healing Power of Water is a Gift from the Mother Nature- many people around the world believe that bathing in mineral springs it heals certain health problems resulted in physical and spiritual purification … In an age of religious fervor people continued to seek the holy wells to cure various ailments – A spa word originated from the name of town Spa, Belgium which a fountain of cure Nowadays, the industry of health and wellness as the core of the business is thought to be growing at a significant rate, a wide array of services from health, beauty or that “Day Spas Near Me” … where around the cities closest where you live, Destination Spa, Town Spa, Hot Stone Spa and Mineral Spa

Treatment Specializes On:

Therapeutic Massage

This applies pressures by Hands, Fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet as a technique this relieves a stress and pain in the body, A Gate Control Theory which a sensation that prevents pain from traveling to the Nervous System a benefit of temporary relief from pain, reduces depression and anxiety it increases the flow of lymph, it stimulates the release of Endorphins and Serotonin while improving the sleep and General Sense of Well-Being, there are several techniques are known for this methods and these are the popular few

Swedish Massage – This technique varies from light pressure to hard pressure following these five basic strokes:

Swedish massage

Effleurage a sliding and gliding pressure, Petrissage a kneading pressure which deep and compress in underlying muscles, Tapotement is a percussion technique a cupped hand tapping a closed fist hitting, fingers slapping, hacking on hand side, the fourth is Shaking, and the fifth is Fiber Friction… 

Nuat Thai or Thai Massage

This technique involves a number of Stretching it aims on stimulating the flow of blood to the body down to the lymph, by focusing and clearing the blockages of Zen energy lines this incorporate the aspects of yoga, acupressure, and energy balancing the benefits are, deep relaxation, relief of pain and muscle tension increase flexibility and heightened energy levels that improves oxygen breathing and circulation

Ayurvedic Massage

In Sanskrit is one of the most common and important Ayurvedic therapy one of the worlds oldest holistic healing systems originated in India thousands of years ago, A daily regimen for maintaining a healthy lifestyle thus regular Ayurvedic massage will boost immunity and body detoxification – Ayurveda Medicine had these Three life forces called, “Doshas”- it controls your body works from air and space “Vata Dosha” fire and water “Pitta Dosha” and “Kapha Dosha” means water and earth, Ayurvedic massage technique is to stimulate the lymphatic system to expel the toxins out from the body, prevention of disease and relaxation

Thai massage
Ayurveda spa treatment


This technique combines hydrotherapy and aquatic massage performs in warm water originally develop in 80’s by Harold Dull, Harbin Hot Spring California, the therapist will continuously support the receiver from muscle stretching and flowing movements from the water, this will make the person relaxes the muscles and tension from the spine, Its therapeutic benefits it induce deep relaxation relieving muscular and joint pain, Being recognize worldwide in many International Health and Wellness Spas in the Aquatic Physiotherapy program, Physiotherapist began to use Watsu for a wide range of orthopedic injuries and Neurologic conditions that encourages the release of stress and tensions, In leisure and relaxation the person experiences a wide variety of feeling of being born into a new body shown from cleansing from free radicals which responsible for aging and tissue damage



Two main types of saunas dry and wet, originated from Finland but it is common all over Europe during the 1500s and diminished due to the widespread of syphilis disease, only Finland which wasn’t affected by epidemic, reasons why Finland called a haven for saunas around the world, Wet saunas are usually being heated to 100 to 115Fahrenheit that takes 30minutes to heat up – taking a shower is mostly preferred by the users to speed up the perspiration, ( 37 to 46C) up to 250Fahrenheit (121Celsius) for dry saunas by keeping the moisture down to zero, different types are: Smoke which the traditional form of sauna, Heating Storage is hotter than traditional it uses electric as a source of heat, Continuous Fire this covers by stone and chimney as its just only an hour to heat up commonly for cottages spas that require a manual labor to maintain the fire, and the Infrared according to the Finnish Sauna Organizations, Infrared is not a

Infrared sauna booth

sauna, INFRARED is a heating object in the room its an electromagnetic radiation a wavelength longer than visible light, claim Health benefits from Infrared Detoxification, Skin cleansing, Weight loss, Cellulite Reduction, – Persons who suffer any type of disease must first consult with a qualified Medical Professional those individuals who suffer hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia should Not use Infrared sauna … There are Spa Centers adds a Jacuzzis in the facility as to other health effects, saunas may help to rheumatic pain with cold shower, reducing symptoms form chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis …

sauna warming up


Is a semi-permanent hair removal from different parts of the body there are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair, estheticians who are license are professionals for maintaining and improving skin, aside from waxing they are also specialized on microdermabrasion, cosmetic electrotherapy, LED (Led Emitting Diode) treatment, Ultrasound/Ultrasonic (low Level) and Mechanical massage

microdermabrasion therapy
body wraps

Body Wraps – or Mud Wraps

A layer of mud applies to skin then the body is wrapped in cloth or plastic to fully penetrate the mixture, different types of clays are being used to this treatment green, red, bentonite, and the Dead Sea Clay are main ingredients that are mixed with salt and different types of herbs then being applied to the skin and sealed this with cloth or plastic, The U.S Food and Drug Administration has warned against body wrap methods for weight reduction as this treatment will loss a lot of inches and pounds due to the excessive perspiration can lead to dehydration – but that only temporarily as fluid will soon replace by drinking and eating, claim that mud bath can slim down and toned the body hydrates the skin and flush out the toxins …

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  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Hair Treatments
  • Foot spa
  • Eye Brow Threading
  • Make-up services
  • Facial Treatments


The Aromatherapy As a complementary therapy for enlightenment, Intuition, and Meditation utilizes blends of therapeutic essential oils and other aromatic compounds where Spa Centers are offered to their guests the serenity of the place to meet the standard of treatments by improving that Psychological, Spiritual and Physical well-being …

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  1. I loved all the information about the different services. I do have a few questions though. Where does the water come into play with the spas listed. Can you give us more detail as to how older spas have come to the spas we know now? Also, how do I know what is a good day spa near me?

    • Hi Marcey, thank you for taking time of writing some comments really appreciate it; to your question, just a lil bit of history, since water is the source of the term, that used to give medicinal baths which ancient time beliefs that a Spa is the location where mineral rich spring water had a curative healing power to cure various diseases, But since modern times adapt such behavior and became accustomed to personal care treatments, spiritual healing or meditations improving health beauty and relaxation A Day Spa has become an Industry to provides such variety of services;- To your last question; If you will find one close in your Area where they offer such services where the facilities contains, Sauna, Pool, steam room or Jacuzzi’s these are the types of facilities where Spa businesses wants their clients get more have additional treatments aside from just only having Facial and such different massage services …hope, I had give you the right answers …

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