Running Is Good For Your Heart

Running is Good for your heart, running same from jogging or sprinting or any form of exercise can effectively slow the effects of aging some of these benefits including weight loss, cardiovascular and respiratory health that reduce bad cholesterol, potentially increase bone density and strengthening the immune system it elevate high esteem and powerful state of mind …

Running is always recommended for people coping with depression as a therapy its a psychological effect to perhaps enjoyment of nature or a state of being getting away, it is also had a benefits for sports enthusiast that running has psychological benefit or both effect in euphoric state being elated or some referred this to ‘runner’s high’

Some runners may feel that running in a short distance is no longer challenging then they are aiming this up to run more farther, and research says average person who runs their average weight will burn a 100 calories per mile – this is the benefit when you want to loss weight it will increase your metabolism and continuously burn and increase the level of calorie intake, If you wanna get into shape be consistent and slow down remember that speeds are differ to different individual that varies to their strength and endurance appropriate to the fitness level, to the new runner it takes time to get into shape, if running feels your body to coordinate your over all well being then this pays attention that take a short distance first for a few weeks then speed it up when you feel your body is ready enough to take a new pace

Noted Injuries In Running:

Chafing, it refers to the skin caused by repetitive friction occurs in the runners upper thighs, or to their nipple, skin becoming coarse and eventually it develops into rash, Bandaids and or some home remedies will help to reduce or treat the problem anti chafing cream is available to use, Prevention number one, wear a form fitting outfit intended for such running activity, there are thousands available brands in the market designed intended to sports clothing to fit such type of activities

High Impact, running on concrete surfaces while adjusting your body on running on concrete the muscles become weaker, it is advisable to change terrain occasionally such as trail, beach or grass but be careful on running downhill runners may be wary on twisting their ankles on such terrain – A repetitive stress on the same tissues will further the damage it is advisable to let the damage tissue will heal of its full recovery before attempting to run again – change in running pace may cost you to –



  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Gastronecmius
  • Achilles tendinitis

But in Cases of injuries on a high impact nature associated of this develops to:

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome
  • Plica syndrome
  • Patellar Tendinopathy
  • Iliotibial band syndrome

How to lessen such Injuries:

  • Allowing time to heal such injury, apply ice to sore muscle by ‘icing’ application
  • Practice the habit of warming up before initiating your first task exercise
  • Focus on the right proper form when start running
  • Performing strength training exercises

A Good Technique In Running:

Is an Upright posture and a slight forward lean avoids landing on the heel and facilitates the use of spring mechanism of the foot, a runner must not landed on foot in front of center of mass which can be the resultant from braking effect, maintain posture upright and stable this helps prevent from injury, scrunching of shoulders and chin up tilting are running common mistakes …

The main difference between long and short distance runners is the length of stride rather than the rate of stride where between 185 to 200 steps per minute are extremely consistent to professional runner this according to exercise physiologists, this calculated to revolution per minute (RPM) by the pair of feet and is used as a measure of athletic performance, running is often measured in terms of pace in minutes, per mile, or kilometer, Different types of strides is important to different types of running, for example in sprinting runners positioned on their toes legs up for shorter and faster stride unlike long distance runners where strides are more relax and easy,
Fast stride rates coincide with the rate one pumps one’s arms, the faster one’s arms move up and down, parallel into the body the faster the rate of stride …


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Drink Water And Lose Weight

It’s just a simple reminder that our body signals when water is needed this can be sensed through by being Thirsty, Exhaustion or Dehydration from a rigorous routine of exercise, Body Heat by cooling our body from a cold shower or soaking from a warm tub for such therapy … Water is essential to our daily lives it is a Universal Solvent plays an important role in all life forms of our planet although this provides No calories or organic nutrients, drinking the right amount of water is very important to the functions of our cells this includes Water Balance, well-functioning of our metabolism, flushing out the bad toxic elements that we daily ingested from the food chemicals we eat and pollution from environment, -Elasticity of the Cells which it makes our skin vibrant and clean and supple when inside of our system are free from radicals, Oxygenation a good water supply in our body will properly circulate a good respiration to our entire health a well-oxygenated blood is good for our Heart this cycle will repeat if we maintained the stability of our health which is well maintained by electrolyte balance and Proper Nutrition …


Drink Water and Lose Weight

Maintaining weight are just One of our very basic component we need to get listed as our daily regimen that we are watching to our health… Man can live and Survive without food in 21 days But Not without water in 3days, The water that we nourished into our system is like an ecosystem of plants and Trees that needs sunlight to convert this into Chlorophyll a powerful plant pigment rich in antioxidant a rapid cell rejuvenation that boosts your body to energy and supports your body from its natural healing abilities … If the water is the element that is essential to our daily lives so is the Sun as the source of all life, the sunlight provides warmth that needs our plant to grow and so our body needs an ample amount of sunlight as a key role from calcium absorption that comes from vitamin D from sunlight, For the best way to experience optimal health and vitality, as well as deeper connection to your body and the world around you, is eating close to the source, A good source of water supply, A good enough Sunlight is a good source of food, you can Create a small Garden from your window if the space is limited into your apartment, learn the DIY projects, certain small activities will help to eliminate your stress … You gain weight, you gain pounds has a lot of WHY? Factors, but also so many help and ways to win yourself back although the Change will always come within you to live your life to the fullest loving yourself – to any highest possibilities that will make you feel good, or just only be surrounded with people you are comfortable with

In our marketplaces these days there are so much to offer… The modernization and awareness to our new society has now come to a remarkable niche on how to offer these good products and educate the consumers … some products are being introduced to solve as a solution to the problem which is basically Health is the number One in Industry, a very smart and intelligent people whose behind to this booming industry who also finds a solution to their own problem and shared this to the market so that others may also benefit from it …


Meanwhile, while I was also trying to find a solution to my weight, Water therapy is my Ways of doing this – At night before bedtime a half slice of lemon into a full glass of warm water and repeat this in the morning before taking my breakfast … and just a rightful amount of food that is sufficient for my diet … a light stretching and light exercise seems a good start to be a new Gym member – while trying to find out what’s the trend out in the market right now … – I was being amazed by how much the amount of competitive product out there to choose from … which I am looking for a Detoxifying Water where the key Ingredients is,

Alkaline Spring Water from Sakara – which I believe I can purchase this from

coz We, As The World connected to each other it is always our Necessities of life that we depend to one another seek help when it’s necessary and Be Happy look with it No Matter What …

Describe Panic Attack

What is the real meaning of happiness is it having a ton of wealth great circle of friends or with a strong bond of the family…or being mentally and physically healthy? Happiness means you need to work for it, when you are dreaming of building a happy house to your family – you need to work for it in order this house will become a home” – or If you want to be a star or famous you need to compete for it work for it and expect rejection … because we are not here for easy life … Happiness … could be possible to a chosen few but in my own views, as the highest rank of Animal kingdom humans are no different from any other lowest animals of this planet who doesn’t feel any anxiety, depression, and aggression because we are all susceptible to it even to the chosen few who have vast richness are none of them are exempted from this feeling of fear and anxiety as same as ordinary people do …
Individuals who have great achievements and a vast intellect are most likely being targeted by depression as they have to maintain that kind of expectations and status in the society, boredom can be a great enemy to them since this behavior leads to restlessness and discontentment … As we put purposely to this planet to fight for our territory could be triumphant for the strong and a great loss of the defeatist … but at the end of the day, we are all just humans

To a tiny fraction of anxiety, a person could lead this to him and use it as a tool to motivate him to become successful towards his goals -but in some cases if the amount of anxiety is unbearable and enormous the chances are this could only take him on an upsetting event of his life could be lethal or could be harmful that leads to suicide- every individual has its own differences  upbringing since childhood and some environmental factors could also have a huge impact ..

Listening to a friend who’s explaining to me her panic attack are somehow it made me think if she’s on her way to lunacy … and not even knowing what are her traumatic experiences are …as I was being around with her during that time, all I wanted her to do is to get out from that situation encouraging her to fight back as much as she could- up to the last ounce of her Strength and that’s the only thing that I could do to her … When she got that first-time  panic mode experienced, While she was on her way back to her job in Malaysia, On her way to the Airport with her mom, she almost fainted from struggling of shortness of breath and rapid pounding of her chest, grasping at some air while she’s breathing fast till she sweats profusely as she was clinging to her mothers arm coz she’s is so afraid that she might be going to die from something that she can’t even explain – And other times when she’s having an episode of this attack this tiny streaks of veins on her forehead are looks like blood vessels to me that are going to rupture, Her doctor stated that she had vertigo that it feels to her lightheadedness, tunnel vision and dizziness …

Panic attack is not generally an indication of mental disorder, as my friend Nina’s case with some family history her episodic nature are somehow not so intense as she’s still connecting very socially to other people -As she gets her best treatment under psychological therapy and medication – meditation and light running exercises are also one of the doctors advice to combat her panic anxiety …as she is determined to fight and get herself back her prognosis has become more positive to a limited symptoms attack …


Doctors Who Practice Alternative Medicines

Traditional Medicine has already been practice Throughout centuries maybe even before the time when the old earth begins –According to The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicines as, “The sum total of knowledge the skills and practices based on the theories and beliefs and experiences indigenous to a different culture” …Folks medicine as related to home remedy or grammas chicken soup added with variants of spices to cure cold and other ailments … 

Natural Healing as its other Name for Alternative medicine from vitamins that derives from Fungi – Minerals derives from Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium – through Homeopathic Preparation were commonly used by Naturopaths which highly criticized by Modern Medicine…– practicing Naturopathy are Doctors who Practice Alternative Medicines …


Pharmacy bottles of homeopathic medicine

A Naturopathic Medicine is based on Pseudoscience  where the process of healing has No indication that certain sick individual will recover from its diagnosis, as the practice relied on beliefs that body has the ability to heal itself, ” in 1700″s German Physician Samuel Hahnemann of his Principles in “Like-cures-Like” as his proving on a base of healthy individuals who volunteer to provide the same indication of the same symptoms can treat a sick individual who manifest the same symptoms, as how this Hahnemann Homeopathic named

The National University of Natural Medicine trains students in Naturopathic Medicine and must pass a Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) as administered by the Board of Naturopathic Examiners … 

Some individual who practices Naturopathy they deal with lifestyle changes to their clients one who may introduce a change to their client’s diet, were strictly  prohibited to sugar consumption and tobacco… one may undergo to Therapeutic massage and more on sunshine exposure and stress management…-  But some may perform a minor surgery and prescribe a medication of their own preparation herbal medicinal plants -As antibiotics and vaccines is not a consideration to this medical practice even in some cases that their approach has no proven or scientific evidence of cure but rather the connotation to” placebo effect”  

Medicinal herbs

As its Natural Element of Treatment “Herbalism” which is mainly study is Botany, Related to plants and its Medicinal uses being an Herbalist, a person should possess a high skills of cultivation in the collection of sowing and reap the plants including wildcrafting; Traditionally, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalist must attain the skills in dispensing according to the prescription describe; one should have its dedication to its economic system in herbalism – with a high-level knowledge of its preparation on How the product manufactured by its variety of form to dry and to liquid, tablet or to capsule as such comprehension by its clinical formulation..

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As naturopathy embraces holistic approach as a whole, pampering is also considered as a Natural cure on Indulging yourself in therapeutic massage, light exercise and relaxation meditation and doing yoga …  

Naturopathy the scope in different approach of skills and its training:

Herbalism, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Chelation therapy, Ozone therapy, Cranial Osteopathy, Hair analysis, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Iridology, Stress Management, Hydrotherapy, Color therapy, Sports Medicine, Psychotherapy, Whole food diet, Colonic Enemas, Applied Kinesiology 

Product Risk: 

An appropriate practitioner when bounds outside of safety and efficacy will be considered a fraudulent a charlatan who can be called a quack-Traditional Drug Medications are safe to consume with its very rare and fewer side effects – but it cannot be considered as risk-free some factors are, it’s manufacturing, incorrect dose, and environmental contaminants- misrepresentation of the labels … 


Government Regulation for Natural Health products: 

World Health Organization (WHO) as a referendum on Quality Control Method of Medicinal Herb Plants also Coca and Cannabis as considered herb medicine included … 

European Union; Regulated under Committee on Herbal Medicinal Product 

United States; regulated by dietary supplements by the Food and Drug Administration 

Canadian Regulation; requires an Eight Digit product number or homeopathic medicine Number Licensed label of Herbal Medicine and Dietary Supplement…

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A Conversation to a Dementia Patient

At the Prime stage of your life every day you’ll be going to ask yourself like, “What would it be now my plans that I would want it to be for tomorrow…” -and suddenly, because time is quick and swift you’ll gonna be ended up chasing the twilight and here you are your conversation will change, such this,” What Day is today”…? when you are living to a Hundred-year-old Person who asks the same question every day -that you will really realize, What really the day is today in your life … While our numbers are counted and increasing, Our vitality is declining and so our brain is dying or this can be called a cycle of life or the study itself biogerontology…

Dementia patients recite the same stories over and over just like a broken record on every meal -“Respect your food as you value yourself … contemplate on what you’re eating and chew it slowly- the food you eat won’t get married into your system if you’re not into it -that is like if you’re not looking into your lover’s eyes then the relationship won’t work -“oh my, that’s deep Gramma!”- being the first and the last person on the table that ain’t bothered her at all while everybody’s fleeing who hears the same story when a family gathers …

living to an aging dementia person is a burden … you got to have a lot of patience and more patience- family members support must be on hand -Dementia- the person who’s walking a long mile and never returned because they don’t remember how to get back to the house where they live…Their language difficulty and poor judgment are detrimental to them agitation follows and crying with no reason- as a family member who had an aging dementia parent can be lucky for your parents to have you as their primary caregivers otherwise they can be put into a facility where Geriatric Care Management will be taking care of them …

Nowadays, the modernity in Medical Science in our new society has now changed rapidly but  who knows if they can really do discover how to suppress the Disease or the Answers might just only have lied to the food  that we eat -Artificial Intelligence has now evolved all over places, In our house In our manufacturer plant Industries, Experts and Medical Team of Scientists can do they really find the mystery of senescence? and how would this gonna be related to solving a humans brain diseases …?