Beautiful Gazebo Images

Gazebos are beautiful it will provide shades, shelter and ornamental sophistication in our garden some designs would be added with customization such as pergola to wrap up with vines that will crawl around the structure, the idea of pergola as a passageway to the gazebo is enchanting for the love of Garden design, usually we spent our time to make our yard like a holy place of nature, our Garden is like an extension of our soul it is a place when we get weary our garden is a great refuge to rest … huge property owners can be lucky to put up a great landscape hiring a professional garden designers that have training in horticulture or licensed landscape architect, Even not owning of an acre yard, you can build your own yard with so many DIY training videos that you can watch via internet, In small garden a purely aesthetic layout can be applied to the balance of this four elements of sky, earth water and plants, mix up with herbs for medicinal use, some vegetables for consumption and flowers for decoration, usually flowers or ornamental plants are so lovely to design all over to a Gazebo this gives enticement to couple to make their dream wedding more memorable, can have romantic dinner right into your own gazebo while playing your love songs, – It doesn’t need to be rich to make a type of living different to people with money to hire professionals, because we can actually build our own secret garden …

Some are the Lists of garden features :

  • Stumpery – a garden feature similar to rockery but these are consists or part of dead trees, logs pieces of bark, or even a work timber, the mineral in dead wood is essential to ferns, mosses and lichens, it is a good idea to grow around to the gazebo with a cement foundation.
  • Pergola – as a type of Gazebo this has vertical posts or pillars and a sturdy open lattice a structure that is link or the extension of a building or an open terrace or a pavilion
  • Trellis – also referred to as panels an interwoven wood pieces a trellis can support vines, climbing rose that raised in a box
  • Fountain – is a decorative effect to our garden it’s very dramatic to see that there is some water cascading in our yard
  • Swimming Pools – is the most wanted feature in most homeowners backyard it can create a lot of fun and relaxation time of the whole family gathering
  • Patio – this will take an extra area in the house or ordinary residence, it is an outdoor seating that can accessorize with dining set, rugs, parasol or some awnings
  • Duck pond – pond can be built artificially, with this feature purposely is to provide a habitat for waterfowl if garden owner wish to add some drama of this garden character
  • Gnomes – it is an ornamental figurine or garden dwarfs
  • Parterre – is a type of garden that can be seen from an elevated position it is made of borders and several shrubs of various colors, foliage, embroideries, fashioned in different manners
  • Roof Garden – is the modern trend in gardening sometimes it can be seen in from the rooftop in big cities – it has a lot of benefits to adopt this type of roof planting, it can enhance an architectural structure, or can be a wildlife habitat; This can be done using containers, hydroponics or aeroponics systems …

Gazebos by Shape:
Rectangle and Square
Elongated Hexagon

Gazebo Materials:
Red Cedar
Treated Pine
Rough Cut Cedar

Oval Gazebo 10 x 14 feet

   Beautiful Gazebo images:

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